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is the twelfth Writers Express Awards ceremony, and the second and last of 2016. The results were revealed on 27th August 2016 (six months after WRIXAS 11), although the process began in July 2016. The event again included established projects Diamonds In The Rough, The Estate and These Days, as well as four new projects: another Danny/Jaay soap called Sky's The Limit; and three WX5Mash projects - Family Values, a one-off play by Ross; and two EastEnders fan fics - one by Danny set in 2013, and one by Jamie set in modern times. Making a return following a temporary absence at WRIXAS 11 was long-running coming-of-age drama series City Girls. Root's Point Pleasant was also represented. The Avenue was absent from this ceremony.

In a tweak to the rules, THREE rather than TWO options per sub-category are now permitted. In previous ceremonies, a project had to have published at least one episode one calendar month before voting began. However, this has now been relaxed, and any episode of a project published in the last six months is now eligible for inclusion.

Best Exit was excluded as a sub-category, as there were no exits! Feedbacker Of The Year and Project Of The Year were also absent, as they are only annual.

For the one and only time, the process of voting was changed. Instead of sending votes by PM to forum owner Noxy, voters instead were asked to vote via a two-part survey using Survey Monkey. Due to difficulties with this process however, voting was switched back to being via PM from WRIXAS 13 onwards.


Below is a table featuring both nominated and winning projects and their respective categories. All winners are highlighted in bold. Due to the Survey Monkey surveys no longer being available, the Shortlist column is empty because that data is irritrievably lost:

Award Longlist Shortlist
Best Drama Male
  • CITY GIRLS: Max Warren - WINNER
  • CITY GIRLS: Callum Warren
  • CITY GIRLS: Johnny Milano/Vilachi
  • FAMILY VALUES: Stan Wilson
  • FAMILY VALUES: Jamie Wilson
  • n/a
Best Drama Female
  • CITY GIRLS: Izzie Roberts - WINNER
  • CITY GIRLS: Holly Williams
  • CITY GIRLS: Sammy Davis
  • FAMILY VALUES: Bev Wilson
  • FAMILY VALUES: Kelly Wilson
  • n/a
Best Drama Scene
  • CITY GIRLS: Episode 6x13 - Rick manipulates Izzie with a fake suicide attempt - WINNER
  • CITY GIRLS: Episode 6x14 - Sammy proposes to Jack.
  • CITY GIRLS: Episode 6x14 - Johnny confronts Ashley over her abortion
  • FAMILY VALUES: Episode 1 - Stan And Freddie’s Heart-To-Heart
  • n/a
Best Drama Plot
  • CITY GIRLS: Izzie's wedding drama
  • CITY GIRLS: Sammy's battle against her past
  • CITY GIRLS: Holly's fight against cancer - WINNER
  • n/a
Best Drama Episode
  • CITY GIRLS: In Debt to the Heart (Episode 6x14)
  • CITY GIRLS: Something's Broken Part I (Episode 6x15)
  • CITY GIRLS: Something's Broken Part II (Episode 6x16) - WINNER
  • FAMILY VALUES: Christmas Dinner (Episode 1)
  • n/a
Best Drama
  • City Girls (Hannah) - WINNER
  • Family Values (Ross)
  • n/a
Best Soap Male
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Graham Canning
  • THESE DAYS: Glen Wright
  • THESE DAYS: Lee Rogers
  • WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: Malcolm Cunningham
  • n/a
Best Soap Female
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Diamond Canning
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Georgia Thompson
  • THESE DAYS: Jade Hudson - WINNER
  • THESE DAYS: Liz Doyle
  • WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER - Tanya Armstrong
  • n/a
Best Soap Scene
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Georgia Collapses (Episode 22)
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Ella & Joe Bond/The Thompsons Put The Past Behind Them (Episode 24)
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH - Evelyn Tells Graham The Truth About Ryan (Episode 29)
  • JAMIE'S EASTENDERS: Max Branning's surprise return (Episode 5301)
  • JAMIE'S EASTENDERS: Jay's attacked by a gang of youths (Episode 5304) - DRAW
  • THESE DAYS: Episode 29 - Dex Confides In Liz & Jade About His Transgenderism - DRAW
  • WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: Episode 1 - First Ever Scene
  • WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: Episode 4 - Tanya Opens Up To Emma
  • n/a
Best Soap Plot
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Alfie & Tricia Sexual Harassment
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Evelyn & Ryan's Plan To Destroy The Cannings
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Joe & Georgia Thompson's Wedding/Dylan's Birth
  • JAMIE'S EASTENDERS: Jay's continuing downward spiral
  • JAMIE'S EASTENDERS: The conclusion to Who Killed Lucy: Bobby's sentencing
  • THESE DAYS: Dexter, Liz's Transgender Son - WINNER
  • WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: Rob and Tanya’s affair
  • n/a
Best Soap Episode
  • JAMIE'S EASTENDERS: Bobby's sentencing (Episode 5302)
  • JAMIE'S EASTENDERS: Jay's gang attack and the fallout (Episode 5304)
  • THESE DAYS: Episode 28 - WINNER
  • THESE DAYS: Episode 30
  • n/a
Best Soap
  • Diamonds In The Rough (Danny/Jaay)
  • These Days (Noxy) - WINNER
  • We're All In This Together (Ross)
  • n/a
Best Family/Couple
  • CITY GIRLS: Holly & Daniel Williams
  • CITY GIRLS: Mizzie (AKA Izzie Roberts & Max Warren) - WINNER
  • CITY GIRLS: Nicole Newman & Callum Warren
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Cannings (AKA Diamond, Evelyn, Graham, Jodi, Max & Ryan)
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Joegia (AKA Joe & Georgia)
  • FAMILY VALUES: The Wilsons (AKA Bev, Chloe, Freddie, Jamie, Kelly, Laura, Mia & Stan)
  • THESE DAYS: Lee, Jade & Paige
  • THESE DAYS: Johnsons (AKA Anita & Mark)
  • THESE DAYS: The Wrights (AKA Danielle, Glen, JJ, Liam & Lisa)
  • WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: The Fosters (AKA Alison, Chelsea, Emma, Jason & Zack)
  • n/a
Best Cameo/Newcomer/Returnee
  • DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Evelyn Canning (Cameo)
  • THESE DAYS: Mark Johnson (Newcomer) - WINNER
  • THESE DAYS: Tony 'Dex' Dexter (Newcomer)
  • n/a
Best New Project
  • Danny EastEnders (Danny) - WINNER
  • N/A
Best Project
  • City Girls (Hannah) - DRAW
  • These Days (Noxy) - DRAW
  • N/A

WRIXAS League Table (as of August 2016)

Project Author/s Genre

Awards (WRIXAS 12 only)

Awards (TOTAL)
Alone Lem Drama N/A 3
ATUK's The Bill allthingsuk Fan:Fic N/A 2
The Avenue Noxy/Ross Soap N/A 15
Back To The Start Lem Drama N/A 5
Behind Closed Doors 1.0 Hannah Soap N/A 1
Beneath The Surface Ross/Walfman - now Jamie Soap N/A 1
Beyond The Light 1.0 Jaay Soap N/A 8
City Girls Hannah Drama 8 40
Cold Blood AppleCobbler Drama N/A 6
Cross My Heart, Hope To Die Hannah Drama N/A 1
Crown Law allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
Danny EastEnders Danny Fan:Fic 1 1
Diamonds In The Rough Danny | Jaay Soap 1 3
The Forest's allthingsuk Drama N/A 4
High Hopes Hannah | Jaay Soap N/A 8
High Peak 1.0 MGambitt | Noxy Soap N/A 5
In Gear allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
Jamie EastEnders Jamie Fan:Fic 1 1
Lem's Casualty Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Lem's Coronation Street Lem Fan:Fic N/A 1
Looking Forward Jess Soap N/A 2
The Me In You Noxy Drama N/A 9
Miscarriage Noxy Drama N/A 7
Ocean Lane Jark Drama N/A 3
Saints High allthingsuk Drama N/A 1
St. George's Ross Soap N/A 2
These Days 1.0 Noxy Soap N/A 41
These Days Noxy Soap 7 20
These Days City Girls Have Many High Hopes As They Stroll Along The Avenue Under The Bright City Lights On Cold Uncertain Nights Hannah Other N/A 1
Uncertain Nights AppleCobbler | Noxy | Ross Soap N/A 19
Waffles EastEnders Waffles Fan:Fic N/A 2
The Web Liam Drama N/A 2
Words Of Comfort Lem Drama N/A 2
The You In Me Noxy Drama N/A 2

Forum Members League Table (as of August 2016)

Forum Member Awards (WRIXAS 12 only) Awards (TOTAL)
allthingsuk N/A 12
AppleCobbler N/A 19
Danny 2 4
Hannah 8 51
Jaay 1 19
Jamie 1 2
Jark N/A 3
Jess N/A 2
Lem N/A 24
Liam N/A 2
MGambitt N/A 5
Noxy 7 104
Ross 0 37
Waffles N/A 2

Stats & Trivia

This time there were 16 sub-categories, down three from WRIXAS 11, because of the exclusion of the two annual-only awards - Feedbacker Of The Year and Project Of The Year, and the non-neccesity of Best Exit. There were 6 in the Drama category, 6 in Soap and 4 in Crossover. There were 18 winners this time, including 2 shared awards (tiebreakers). Last time there were 23 winners and 4 shared awards. At the Longlist stage, there were 81 options to choose from, down just two from WRIXAS 11. Again, this is the smallest number of options at any WRIXAS to date. Five projects won awards at this ceremony (up one), although seven made the Longlist. There is no data for how many made the Shortlist.

There were two big winners on the night, the biggest of which was City Girls, which picked up 8 WRIXAS, including a clean sweep of all six Drama award. These were for:

  • Best Drama Male (Max Warren)
  • Best Drama Female (Izzie Roberts)
  • Best Drama Scene (Rick Manipulates Izzie With A Fake Suicide Attempt)
  • Best Drama Plot (Holly's Fight Against Cancer)
  • Best Drama Episode (Something Broken: Part II)
  • Best Drama
  • Best Family/Couple (Mizzie AKA Max & Izzie)
  • Best Project (shared with 'These Days')

Meanwhile, soap These Days actually improved on its previous outing - even though only three episodes were published during this period -  by scooping another 7 awards (up two on WRIXAS 11). These were for:

  • Best Soap Female (Jade Hudson - second time in a row)
  • Best Soap Scene (Dexter Confides His Transgenderism In Liz and Jade)
  • Best Soap Plot (Dexter, Liz's Transgender Son)
  • Best Soap Episode (Episode 28)
  • Best Soap
  • Best Newcomer (Mark Johnson)
  • Best Project (shared with 'City Girls')

Elsewhere, Diamonds In The Rough picked up its third WRIXA for 'Best Soap Male' with Ryan Canning. It was a good night for fan fiction too, with Danny EastEnders winning 'Best New Project' - the first time a fan:fic has ever won this award - and Jamie EastEnders bagging 'Best Soap Scene' for Jay being attacked by a gang.

There was disappointment elsewhere, however, as Ross projects Family Values and We're All In This Together were unsuccessful on this occasion.

The number of people who voted is unknown, due to irretrievable lost data.