Unbroken Pictures is a
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production company run by Lit Forum member Ben; the company launched on 1 January 2018. The current branding has been in use since 22 January 2018.

Ben - who has previously run the now defunct Ben_J Productions -wanted to 'start afresh' in 2018. Speaking about the decision he said "I think as a teenage writer you are still learning so much and at a relatively fast pace, and things you've written even just a year ago, you look back at, and, well cringe sometimes! And no doubt, there will be things that I have yet to write that in two, three years I will look back at and do the same, but I think that's just life. You're constantly learning new things and able to do new things, but I do feel that, that process happens to its greatest degree during your teenage years, and so for that reason, I feel the need to now distance myself from the material I was producing at 15/16 when I first joined Lit 17 months ago under Ben_J Productions"

Why 'Unbroken Pictures?' Edit

Ben feels that his feeling that the original title wasn't working and then the confusion with the second, was all for a reason as he feels that he has now found the 'perfect' company title in Unbroken Pictures.

Speaking about the title Ben explained "I feel the word 'Unbroken' is very fitting for me actually. Without going too much into my personal life, I don't think it would be unfair to say that I've been through some tough patches already, and through not just the writing process, but the whole creative process - creating, building characters, stories and backstories etc - I have been 'Unbroken': it has been an outlet whereby I can express myself, as I already do with music, my other passion. I have really found a love for writing"

The company's choice of name was also party influenced by the title of American Singer Demi Lovato's third album, Unbroken, which was released back in 2011. Ben has spoken in more depth about the reasoning behind this in the past.

Projects Edit

  • Sandy Cove Resort - A drama series with both light and shade; it is the debut project from the company focusing on the staff and guests at the fictional Sandy Cove holiday resort on the south coast. The project launched on 22 June 2018, and as of 3 August 2018 has produced two '60 minute' episodes, the equivalent of 4 '30 minute' episodes - the format used for most projects on Lit. The project is currently on haitus with further episodes expected in the Autumn.
  • Edge Of Tomorrow - A serial drama based on the fictional Isle of Rowley, a small Isle just off the coast of South Coast. The trailer dropped on Wednesday 5th September confirming the launch of the serial as just a week away - 12th September 2018. The serial publishes new episodes every Wednesday.

Unbroken Pictures is on Twitter. You can follow the company by clicking here