AVE title card (3.5)
The Avenue
(commonly 'TA') is an online soap opera by Red Lion Pictures, published on the Writers Express creative writing forum. It follows the lives of those who reside in and around Catford Grove, a fictional district of the real life Catford in Lewisham, SE London.

From Episode 108 (S03E08),The Avenue time-jumped by around eighteen months. It is currently set in November 2015. This was to allow the project to 'officially' be published twice a week, while in reality it is only published once a fortnight. From 152, The Avenue is published thrice-weekly in TA time.

Episode 133 marked the show's second anniversary, with a one-hour special that featured many references to past characters and storylines, as well the dramatic and top secret return of original character Carla Baker (formerly Westaway).

The Avenue has won 14 Writers Express Awards to date, including a breakthrough accolade as 'Best Soap' in March 2015. It won this award again in February 2016.

On the 20th January 2016, as part of an efficiency drive, the project's Twitter account was mothballed. All information relating to the project now comes exclusively under the production company's Twitter account - Red Lion Pictures

Since Episode 1, the show has used an instrumental version of 'New York' by Snow Patrol as its theme tune. However, to mark a visual revamp, an instrumental version of 'Charlie Brown' by Coldplay has been used since Episode 161.

The project took an impromptu six month sabbatical following Episode 160 on 31st January, but returned on 31st July, six months to the date since the previous episode. The project was not eligible for WRIXAS 12, only the second time in WRIXA history this has been the case.

The project ran a five-night run from 27th-31st August 2016. 19th December 2016 saw the project turn five-years-old in AVE time. To mark the occasion, Episode 167 - written only by the show's creator, Ross - was published.

As of 19th December 2016, there have been 167 episodes of the project to date. On 6th January 2017, it was announced that the project would be put on hiatus 'for an extended break'. News of the project's return will be announced in the autumn.


The Avenue has so far picked up 15 WRIXAS, since WRIXAS 5. These have been for as follows:

  • Best Soap Male four times, including twice-in-a-row at one point: twice Aleks Glukhov (WRIXAS 9 and WRIXAS 11), once Graham Anderson (WRIXAS 6) and once Dylan Baker (WRIXAS 5)
  • Best (Soap) Family thrice: twice The Brannigans (WRIXAS 6 and WRIXAS 8) and once The Jameses (WRIXAS 11)
  • Best Soap Scene twice-in-a-row: Viv's Private Goodbye To Thomas (WRIXAS 8) and Linda Comforts Michael In Hospital After His Stroke (WRIXAS 9)
  • Best Soap twice (WRIXAS 9 and WRIXAS 11)
  • Best Big Week: Season 2 Finalé Week (WRIXAS 6)
  • Best Soap Episode - Episode 151: Indecent Proposal (WRIXAS 10)
  • Best Soap Female (Carla Westaway) - WRIXAS 5
  • Best Exit (Carla Westaway) - WRIXAS 5

Current Cast

Status Character Actor Duration (by episode) Duration (by year)
Regular Leyla Baker Kylie Minogue 1- 2013-
Regular Carla Baker Billie Piper 1-81, 133- 2013-14, 2015-
Recurring Shirley Wilkins Ann Mitchell 1- 2013- 
Regular Sonia Wilkins Sally Lindsay 1-122, 160- 2013-15, 2016-
Regular Vivian Wilkins Ali Bastian 1- 2013- 
Regular Luca Rossi Joseph Long 1- 2013-
Regular Nicola Seaby Preeya Kalidas 1- 2013-
Regular Maria Glukhov Michelle Collins 2- 2013-
Regular Aleksander Glukhov Neil McDermott 2- 2013-
Regular Jacques Glukhov Christian Cooke 2- 2013-
Regular Yasmin Brannigan Nicola Stapleton 3-4, 50- 2013, 2014-
Regular Steven Carwell James Sutton 28- 2014- 
Recurring Doris Carwell Gwen Taylor 45- 2014-
Recurring Michael Brannigan Chris Chittell 50- 2014-
Recurring Linda Brannigan Barbara Windsor 50- 2014- 
Regular Eddie James Rob Norbury 55-82, 127- 2014, 2015-
Regular Ruby Brannigan Jorgie Porter 60- 2014-
Recurring DCI Elaine Radford Victoria Pritchard 67- 2014-
Regular Dylan Baker Tyger Drew-Honey 73- 2014-
Regular Saskia Baker Dannii Minogue 74- 2015- 
Regular Crystal O'Reilly Christine Bleakley 82- 2015-
Regular Jade O'Reilly Karen Hassan 82- 2015-
Regular Nina Anderson Nina Toussaint-White 84- 2015-
Regular Bobbie-Lea Anderson Maisie Richardson-Sellers 85- 2015-
Recurring Alfie Anderson Arian Chikhila 85- 2015-
Regular Ronan O'Reilly Colin Morgan 87- 2015-
Recurring Diane Brannigan Harriet Walter 89- 2015-
Recurring Arthur 'Artie' Brannigan Jr. Uncredited 112- 2015-
Regular Jez Thatcher Michael French 113-


Regular Sandra Murphy Nicola Duffett 117- 2015-
Regular Perry Castle Ray Fisher 118- 2015-
Regular Cameron Murphy Danny-Boy Hatchard 118- 2015-
Regular Will James Dominic Power 127- 2015-
Regular Danica James Katie Goldfinch 127- 2015-
Regular Lucy James Julia Joyce 127- 2015-
Recurring Maggie Baker Deena Payne 134- 2015-
Recurring Phil Baker Brian Conley 134- 2015-
Recurring Maeve O'Reilly Brenda Fricker 135- 2015-16
Recurring George Baker Uncredited 135- 2015-
Recurring Stan Bishop Michael Caine 144- 2016-
Recurring Lorna Thatcher Patsy Kensit 146- 2016-
Recurring Kia Thatcher Nelly Currant 146- 2016-
Recurring Tia Thatcher Gwen Currant 146- 2016-
Regular Dan Baker Nigel Harman 147- 2016-
Regular DC Ethan Castle Richard Blackwood 148- 2016-
Regular Olly Castle Samuel Anderson 150- 2016-
Recurring Benji Wilkins Uncredited 150- 2016-
Recurring Beth Wilkins Uncredited 150- 2016-
Recurring Jeannie Castle Angela Wynter 155- 2016-
Recurring Darcus Castle Don Warrington 155- 2016-