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Red Lion Pictures
is an online drama production company, originally formed on 19th December 2011. It has come under several names, including (but not exhaustively) 'LemRoss (Pictures)', 'ACORN (Pictures)' and 'LemRoX (Pictures)'. It has also involved several members of the Writers Express forum over the years, including AppleCobbler, Jaay, Lem, Noxy and company founder Ross. However since 2015, when it adopted the 'Red Lion Pictures' moniker - Red Lion being a reference to the famous pub used in the company's soap opera The Avenue (2011) - it has been run solely by Noxy and Ross. In January 2016, Red Lion mothballed it's Twitter account for The Avenue, and since then promotion for any of its projects comes exclusively under the Red Lion Pictures Twitter account.

The company is most famous for its founding project, The Avenue, a serial dramady which has publised 167 episodes as of 19th December 2016, its fifth anniversary. The Avenue is not the oldest project on Writers Express, but it is the longest running, and the only one to date to have run for five years (romantic drama series City Girls lasted just under five years before it ended in 2017). Red Lion's only other project to date is the North Yorkshire-based serial drama We're All In This Together, which ran for eight episodes between 11th July 2016 and 3rd February 2017, before it was dropped.

The Avenue was founded by Ross, but several other forum members have written and/or produced for that project over the years, including AppleCobbler, Jaay, Lem and most notably Noxy, who remains a part of it. We're All In This Together is licensed under the Red Lion Pictures moniker, though it is written and produced solely by Ross. It was however conceived by Noxy, who acts as the project's series consultant and visual editor only, but otherwise has no part in its continuity.


All awards won by Red Lion have been on behalf of The Avenue, which has so far picked up 15 WRIXAS, since WRIXAS 5. These have been for as follows:

  • Best Soap Male four times, including twice-in-a-row at one point: twice Aleks Glukhov (WRIXAS 9 and WRIXAS 11), once Graham Anderson (WRIXAS 6) and once Dylan Baker (WRIXAS 5)
  • Best (Soap) Family thrice: twice The Brannigans (WRIXAS 6 and WRIXAS 8) and once The Jameses (WRIXAS 11)
  • Best Soap Scene twice-in-a-row: Viv's Private Goodbye To Thomas (WRIXAS 8) and Linda Comforts Michael In Hospital After His Stroke (WRIXAS 9)
  • Best Soap twice (WRIXAS 9 and WRIXAS 11)
  • Best Big Week: Season 2 Finalé Week (WRIXAS 6)
  • Best Soap Episode - Episode 151: Indecent Proposal (WRIXAS 10)
  • Best Soap Female (Carla Westaway) - WRIXAS 5
  • Best Exit (Carla Westaway) - WRIXAS 5